Exercise 12 & 13

Exercise 12
Puppy sit ups
This exercise is hard for dogs that don't like to be handled, while on their side or back. I had a few of those :) But working on the other exercises in this course helped them with both. 
It's important you keep their bodies in alignment while doing the side ones. Head needs to track a straight line from the ground, to their back end, and all the way back down. The middle one is tough and a lot of dogs don't love this position so I don't really push it. I mostly stick to the side ones with my guys. 
What is this working? 
Side ones targets the lateral core muscles and middle works the centre ones more. 
How many reps? 
Build up to 5 reps each position. 
How to make this more advanced?
Not much more to be done to advance this one. 
Exercise 13
Bosu balancing
I've just added this on the end for anyone that might have a Bosu. They are expensive, so I know most don't. This is a really hard exercise and not one to be done when just beginning all this with a dog. You can help them, if they find it's moving too much, by putting your legs either side to stablise it more. 
I've seen some of the cheaper Bosu's have a very big dome. This makes it even more unstable. If you have one of these I recommend you don't blow it up as much. 
What is this working? 
Lots of core work and stabilising muscles in this one. 
How many reps?
Build up to 2 mins in total on the Bosu. 
How to make this more advanced?
This one is quite advanced enough!