Exercise 5 & 6

Exercise 5 
A lot of people teach a crawl on the flat, where the dogs are basically shuffling along on their bellies. While this is useful, this exercise makes them work even harder in the crawl. They kind of do the crawl off the ground more, so they aren't just scooting across with weight on their bellies. They are in more of a crouch. 
You need to find something, that is about their shoulder height. These chairs work perfectly for my guys, but wouldn't for every sized dog. If you don't have any chairs that work, you could rig something up with poles that they crawl under too. I've seen something where people got the styrofoam boxes from the veggie shop for free, and then just poke jump poles at the right heights. Boxes set up each side, as a barrier to keep the dog in a bit. Also you can use x pens with jump bars too. Much more fiddly to set up though than a chair lol
You can see in the video, I get on the ground in the middle of the chairs and guide them through with food. If the dogs try to race through, you should reward them more often to slow them down a bit. You don't want this done fast, but slow and controlled.  
What is this working? 
Really good for core but also working on the shoulder and hip muscles in the crouch
How many reps? 
Build up to 8 times through with good form. 
How to make this more advanced?
Making a longer channel would make this more advanced as they have to stay in the crouch longer. 
Exercise 4
Spider or Handstand
## It should be noted, that this is one exercise on this course that can be very bad if you teach it incorrectly or with bad form. It is super tough, and should be taken up gradually with all dogs. Any dog with back injuries, shouldn't do this exercise without vet approval. 
Again this exercise is much easier, if dogs have a good understanding of 2o2o. Have a non slip board leaning up on something, on a medium height to start with. The aim is to try and teach them to back up the board and end up with their front feet really close at the base of the board. It's not really a handstand, until it gets up to very high. When it's on the medium height, it's fine for them to back all the way on to the board with even their front feet on it. Just so they get the idea, it's about backing up and getting their back feet up high on that board. 
It's important that you reward low between their front feet. I also think it is much better if you are sitting or kneeling on the ground. If you stand up, the dogs will look up at you which has their backs arched as well as their neck in a bad position. Also, really pay attention to if they have their front feet in alignment or they are putting weight on one side more than the other. As you fine tune, you will only reward them for square front feet too. 
What is this working? 
This definitely works core and shows you if the dogs are weak in the mid region. If they are weak, you will see their back end flop to the side a bit as it gets higher. Also adds strength to their front end. 
How many reps?
Eventually, you want them to do backing up in to position 5 times and holding for a few secs while rewarding them there.  
How to make this more advanced?
Taking this up to full height, makes this advanced enough. So the board can be very high up and they will look more like they are doing a handstand. 
## NB they need to be super strong to do the handstand version and again I took months to get to this with my guys. 

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