Exercise 7 & 8

Exercise 7
Roll over
Some people may have already taught this, but their dogs do it super fast and throw themselves over. Needs to be done slow and controlled, for them to really use the correct muscles and get stronger.  
This was one of the hardest ones to teach my guys, as they don't like being on their backs :) I talk in the video, how to help teach dogs that don't love that. Very small steps, rewarding each increment. Particularly rewarding the positions they don't love like on their sides or back. 
What is this working? 
Really fantastice core workout. If they are a little weak in their core, you will see front end roll over before the back end. Once they are strong, it should all go over at the same time.
How many reps? 
Build up to 5 times each side. 
How to make this more advanced?
No real advanced version but it really is hard enough. This is one exercise, I still revisit with my guys to make sure their core is staying strong. 
Exercise 8
Side 2o2o
Now this is a tricky one to teach, if your dogs have a solid 2o2o. Every time you go to the board they may want to hop in to the usual 2o2o with both back feet on the board. I show you in teh video, how to lure them to help them get the position. Also initially I mark and reward any front
foot touching on the board, if they are constantly trying to put both back feet on. The back will come easily, once they understand they have to do that front one. Some dogs work better with you beside them and some are better if you place yourself in front and have them move towards you. Just play around to get it. Make sure the board is low to start with. Reward position, needs to have head in a neutral and forward position. 
What is this working? 
While this works some core, it really works the outside hip and shoulder muscles as they lift their legs up. Eventually you want them to target up higher on the board, and that will give them a stretch too. Also works the stabilising muscles in the supporting legs too. 
How many reps?
Eventually, you want them to hold this position 5 times and holding for a 5 secs while rewarding them there.  
How to make this more advanced?
Taking the board up higher, and making them offer to place their feet up higher on the board advances this. Once they are doing that you can do foot pods or a Fitbone or two balance discs under the legs that are on the ground.