Lesson 1

Pinwheels and tight front x's
In this lesson we have a basic pinwheel set up. It's a common layout in courses and we need to teach the dogs to handle them independently so we can make any turns required. Also the main focus skill this lesson will be tight front x's. 
Suggested handling for the sequences - 
1.1 - dog on R to the tunnel and blind x exit of tunnel to handle last jump on L. If your dog needs more drive then reward in extension, if your dog needs to turn better reward a tight turn like I did with Keen. 
1.2 - dog on R to 4 and then decel and lateral front x, dog on L 5 and 6. Watch your front x is on the path you want the dog to take from 4 - 5 and don't step towards the tunnel during the front x. 
1.3 - dog on L to 4 then decel front x to 5. Tight send and go front x to 6. Alternate handling on 5 is to do a k turn (front x blind x) if you need to tighten that turn. 
1.4 - dog on L to 3 and tight send and go front x, dog on R 4 - 5 and you will need to beat your dog to the exit of the tunnel to push to the back tight front x to tunnel to finish. 
1.5 - dog on R 1-2 with a here here to say, don't take anything else to the tunnel, then dog on R through to 4 and tight send and go then another front x 5-6. Alternative handling on 5-6 is a threadle in to the tunnel. 
1.6 - dog on R 1-3, push to the back 3 and then tight send and go on 4, dog on L to the end and drive in extension over 6. 
Below is the PDF for Lesson 1 sequences - I recommend you save this to your computer for when the course finishes. 

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