Lesson 3

Serpentines and 270's
This lesson is all about serpentines with some 270's in there too. Serps are super easy for us but is a tough one for some dogs. We need to teach them that we can keep moving down the line and they take that jump without us having to stop and wait and pull them over it. Warm up exercises on one and two jumps to help the dogs practiced the slice jump they need. 
270's need to be independent so that we can get to our handling just like with the 180's. Dog's need to understand to go to the back of that second jump without needing us right up on the jump. Work on this in both directions and you can use a back of jump verbal for the second jump if you have it. 
Suggested handling for the sequences - 
3.1 - dog on L for the whole sequence. The serp is on number 3 and you need to make sure you are running ahead towards 4 or you will push them to the back of 4. Whatever path you take is the one the dogs will take on a serp. Make sure to give a name call while they are in the tunnel so they turn towards you out of it. 
3.2 - dog on R to 3 and then front x or blind x while they are around the back of 3. You can see that they need an independent 270 to do this. Stay facing them and move backwards to make the second front x 4 - 5. I call these travelling front x's where you have more than one in a row like this. Facing them helps to cue collection for that next turn. Dog on R through to the end. 
3.3 - dog on R for this whole sequence. Send the dogs across your feet to the tunnel so they expect a turn out of the tunnel. Make sure to call them name for the tunnel turn too. 
3.4 - dog on R for whole sequence. No 3 is a serp jump and needs some collection with all that speed. 
3.5 - dog on R for whole sequence. In this one No 2 is the serp jump and they will need a good 270 to get it. Some decel in to 5 will show them the difference between the previous sequence ending of running straight ahead. 
3.6 - start with the dog on R and do a tight early rotation front x.  Dog on L for tunnel and number 3. When the dog's hit the tunnel you need to run hard to get up to 4 and control that turn. Either do a tight post turn or a k turn like I do with Gem. Then some decel in to 5 so the dogs know not to drive to the tunnel ahead. 
Below is the PDF for Lesson 3 sequences - I recommend you save this to your computer for when the course finishes.