Lesson 4

Tunnel Exits and Driving lines
In this lesson we have some three jump lines for the dogs to try and encourage driving lines more. Also some tunnel exit work. For sequences where you are driving the dogs out straight and in extension you can put a toy at the end for the reward. 
Suggested handling for the sequences - 
4.1 - dog on L for the whole sequence. There is a serp/push across the face of the tunnel to 5. For some dogs you may need to reward this if they aren't slowing down and turning.
## Be careful on this and do not get taken out by your dogs!! You will need to send your dogs forward to 3 and trust they will take the tunnel while you run to show them the turn out of it. If you feel like you aren't going to make it then please pull out and start again. 
4.2 - dog on L to 2 and then front x 2 - 3. Control the turn at 2 if needed and then get out of there. Push to the back cue for number 4 and then drive out to toy for finish.  
4.3 - dog on R 1-3. Decel and early rotation front x with tight cue on 3. When the dogs hit the tunnel name call to cue turn out of the tunnel. Either a k turn or tight post turn at 5 then run hard to reward acceleration straight ahead out of tunnel.  
4.4 - dog on R and send to the tunnel while running around the back of the tunnel and blind x'ing the exit. Name call to cue turn and then dog on L from 3 to the end. Reward in extension for the finish. Alternate start is to have dog on R and front x in to tunnel.
4.5 - dog on R for 1 - 5. Send the dog to the far tunnel and pick up on a serp exit with name call. Push to the back cue for 3 and then get up and show decel and collection front x at 4. Send across your feet for a push to the back tight front x in to the tunnel. Race hard out to reward a straight line exit of tunnel. 
4.6 - Start with dog on L and facing on a diagonal for the first jump. Run towards jump 2 as you release them and it should keep them off the tunnel ahead. Give a tight cue for 2 and send and go front x them in to the tunnel. Name call for turn out of the tunnel and dog on R up to 5 and do two send and go front x's 5 and 6. Alternate ending is you could just do one tight front x on 5 and then race them out down the jumps for extension finish line practice. 
Below is the PDF for Lesson 4 sequences - I recommend you save this to your computer for when the course finishes.