Lesson 5

Rear Crosses
In these sequences, I am deliberately starting most of them on the wrong side to practice the rear x. If you have a slower dog and never use them, then by all means just handle the sequences without them. But I feel like they are being vastly under trained these days including with my own boy Keen :)
Suggested handling for the sequences - 
5.1 - If doing the rear x start with the dog on L and rear x between 1 and 2. Dog on R for the rest showing some decel in to 4 and a quick here here off the back jump. Alternate handling is you could do a k turn on 4 to tighten the dog up. No rear x's just start the dog on R. 
5.2 - dog on L and tight cue on 1, send to tunnel and blind x the exit if you are doing the rear x. Rear x betwen 3 and 4. Dog on L to finish. If not doing the rear x you can do the whole sequence on the L. 
5.3 - Dog on R if you are doing the rear x. Rear x between 1 and 2. Dog on L and send and go tight turn on 4. Leave early so you can show collection and front x at 5 then dog on L to the tunnel. Alternate ending is to do a tunnel threadle 5 - 6. If not doing rear x's just start dog on L.
5.4 - Dog on L if you are doing the rear x. Rear x between 1 and 2 to have dog on R 3 - 4. Get to decel and front x for 4 - 5. Dog on L and send to the back cue for 5 and continue to tunnel. No rear x's just start dog on R. 
5.5 - Dog on L for 1 -2, rear x between 2 and 3. Dog on R in to 3 and decel and here here off back jump. Then decel in to 5 so they don't go to the tunnel. Alternate handling is a k turn on 4 as shown in the video. If not rear x'ing you can front x beteen 2 and 3 and then post or k turn 3 - 4. 
5.6 - Dog on R to the tunnel. Rear x between 3 and 4. Either finish in extension over the two jumps if you want to train more drive or tight turn on 6 like I do. If no rear x you can do a tight turn with dog turning L on 4. 
Below is the PDF for Lesson 5 sequences - I recommend you save this to your computer for when the course finishes. 

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