Lesson 6

Putting it all together
This last lesson has two sets of sequences. I have the smaller set with 4 jumps and a tunnel and then I did up a bonus set with 9 jumps and 2 tunnels and space used is 20 x 30. The bonus set is just for those that have access to that sort of thing :)
Suggested handling for the sequences - 
6.1 - Dog on L and then front x between 3 and 4. For 6 either do extension or collection depending on what you want to work on with the dog. 
6.2 - Dog on R and tight cue on and front x 2, decel into 3 and cue tunnel, give push to the back cue on 5 and reward in extension for 6. 
6.3 - Dog on R for 1-3 and push to the back front x for 3. Decel into 4 and threadle into the tunnel. Alternate is to do another front x between 4 and 5 into the tunnel. 
6.4 - Dog on R and tight front x into 2 and front x between 4 and 5. Alternate handling would be a threadle rear x between 2 and 3.
6.5 - K turn on 1 and then dog on L to the tunnel. Dog on R over 4 and throwback with R arm for k turn on 5 and finish with dog on L for 6. Alternate handling is to be on the other side of 4 and serp that jump with L arm then rotate and finish the same as above. 
6.6 - Dog on L to 3 then pick them up with name call and R arm out of the tunnel. Front x between 4 and 5 and k turn 5 same as previous course. 
Below is the PDF for Lesson 6 sequences - I recommend you save this to your computer for when the course finishes. 

These are bonus sequences I did for anyone that has access to more space and equipment. There is no video to go with these.