Threadle Fun - Week 3 & 4

So now that you've got threadles happening with great independence on one jump, let's get started on some two jump drills.  
This first video starts out with a t shape set up.
## Important tip - Make sure you don't stay facing your dog as you send them around the back of the first jump. All you are doing then, is going back to doing threadles with you stopped and facing your dog. Remember you want your feet facing where they are going next, so that means turning while they are taking the first jump, so you are heading towards the second jump by the time they land. You will see me explaining all this with Katie the sheltie. If you have made sure to teach your dogs you won't face and stop them on threadles in Week one and two then they shouldn't need it here! :)
Then I show how to progress this set up, to make it harder. It's important you angle the jump the correct way, based on the side you are doing. As you change that angle, it should be that the dogs are really heading towards the wrong side of jump 2. Therefore it is a harder threadle. Finally the hardest version, is to have both jumps parallell to each other. 
The next set up is the L shaped one. All the same rules apply as above. Make sure to keep turning the way you are going, and don't walk backwards to get the threadle. You will also see at 2.15, I demonstrate leaving while Gem has to move away from me to take number two.  Keep testing that and building on that skill of them understanding they have to take that jump even if you are heading off to the next thing. 
And of course, still remember you aren't using the arm flick to get them to take that jump either. Just the first arm change, and the rest is up to them. 
I mention it sometimes in the videos, but remember to show them what it will look like when you don't want a threadle too. So sometimes cueing them to take the face of the jump, they are heading for. 
Next video is adding tunnel arousal to a one jump threadle. Tunnels make some dogs higher, so they are a great way to add arousal to the skills. Remember to give them a name call when they hit the tunnel, so they know to start turning before they come out. Then threadle, heading in the direction you want them to take the jump. You can make this harder, by adding more motion from you when they are exiting the tunnel. Also sometimes just do tunnel and jump the side they are heading for, to show them the difference when you don't want them to threadle.
Lastly we have a tunnel threadle. We don't touch on these too much in this course, but this is a very basic tunnel threadle exercise to get you started on it.  Helps if you have a collection cue for the jump before, so they know not to land long towards the wrong tunnel entrance. Once they are getting this threadle cue, you can make it harder by adding more pressure and moving towards them as they are heading towards the tunnel. Make sure to sometimes show them to take the jump and obvious tunnel entry too, so they see the difference. 
Remember with all these exercises, to practice both sides :)

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