Threadle Fun - Week 5 & 6

For the last two weeks, we are going to get started on threadle rear x's. Now that the dogs have a great understanding of their threadle cue, we can try doing a different ending to them. This handling move replaces a front x and push to the back , so it's a lot less handling work for you. A lot of people have trouble understanding that it's a rear x, but you will see that you cut behind the dog while they are doing the beginning of the threadle. 
Our first video starts out teaching this move on one jump again. Similar to the way we started the course,  but you can start off to the side more to make it easier for them to get. Your position while they take that jump tells them which wing to turn towards, so it's important you don't go around the back of the jump with them on this one jump. If you want, you can add a different cue for this ending, and some suggestions are swing, switch or spin. You want to get this move going well, on one jump from front on, before adding more arousal in to it. 
With all the threadle rear x's you should maintain your shoulders towards the jump, and don't rotate around to move out until the dog is past you. 
The next exercise on this video, is adding some more arousal front on. Remember to keep testing them by sometimes not doing the threadle. Once the dogs understand this move well, you will be able to hang back from that second jump and they will understand to drive to the back without you. 
Lastly, we have a threadle rear x side on with tunnel arousal. Again this would replace you doing a front x, then push to the back. Remember to be facing the second jump, for the threadle until they cross in front of your feet, and then you can move through. 
You could also make this a normal threadle, by continuing along the line of the second jump and having them take the jump towards the other wing. This isn't shown on the video, so let me know if you need more help with that. Happy threadles :)