Tunnel Skills - Starts 1/7/16
Tunnels are easy right? Dogs just go in and come out. Actually, there are heaps of skills with tunnels, that the dogs need to be taught. In this course we will cover - Tunnel self control games, exits (when to turn and when to drive straight), finding blind entries, pulling the dog off a wrong course tunnel entry and much more. 
This 6 week course breaks it all down in really easy and fun games. You will find out your dog's weak spots, and have ways to work to fix them. 
On top of all that, tunnels are just plain fun, and everyone that has done this workshop, has had a ball! 
Equipment required is only one tunnel and some wings or cones to send the dogs around, and you only need small space too. 
Working spots are limited, and you will be able to post video on to a secret FB group for feedback from me, on any of the exercises. If you aren't comfortable posting to a group of people, then you can always email me your videos privately for feedback too. 
Audit spots also available, and you will be able to ask questions about anything that is posted on the group, just not post video of your own for feedback. Start date is the 1st of July, 2016 and new exercises will be added every 2 weeks. Working spots are $50 and Audit spots $20.
Contact me if you have any questions, or want to join in this fun course. If paying by PayPal, please make sure to contact me by email to let me know as well. I need to find you on FB, to add you to the group!

NB. An extra $2.50 has been added to the PayPal costs to cover fees associated with these transactions.


For an alternate payment option, contact me for direct deposit details.