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Video Analysis Feedback 

These can be on anything you need help with. You can send through competition runs or training sequences to find out ways to improve your handling and cues. The benefits of this is we can really focus on specific issues in a very fine tuned way. 

I have been utilising this new coaching tool with a few students and have seen an immediate improvement in understanding and the students have been able to implement changes that improved their handling straight away. 

Video feedback will be slowed down and paused to really go into detail about handler position, body cues and timing. I will be pointing all the good parts and also any slight changes that will help the dogs get all the information they need. 

Then I will give you a short list of what to work on, as well as share reference videos if needed to help with that. 

Here are some example feedback videos to show what you would get. 










Introductory cost will be $15 per minute of video you supply. As this is a new service, I need to work out how much time this is going to take me to do. So take advantage of this starting price! 


If you are doing a training video, I highly recommend you cut out all the in between bits. This is very easy to do in apps like iMovie or similar. Within the coaching app I will be using, you can also post short clips individually for feedback but just keep in mind I will be adding up the time. 


To book your Video Analysis please contact me by email or FB messenger. 


Let me know if you have any questions!  

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