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These can be on anything you need help with. The benefits of a private lesson are we can really focus on your issues in a way that there is no time for in a group session. 

List of possible topics we could work on - 

1. Focus and engagement. 

2. Toy play. 

3. Foundation exercises for a puppy or adult dog. 

4. Handling and sequencing. 

5. Contact training. 

6. Weave training. 

7. Arousal issues - too high or too low. 

8. Start line training. 

The list could go on! Just contact me if there is something else you need help with too. 

To book your session please go to my booking site to find available times.


If you have any questions, just shoot me an email or FB message!  

Please note I can do online virtual lessons too. These sessions will be held either through FaceTime (apple products only ) or FB Messenger video call. Contact me if you have more questions about that. 

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