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Red Dog Agility was named after my special red dog Roxy. She started me out on this path of doing what I love. She was so talented and amazing, even though I had no idea back then. 


Agility is my passion, and teaching others to love it as much as I do, is an absolute joy. I'm a dog trainer, that specialises in agility training using positive and fun methods. I've been doing agility for over 16 years now, and I have been teaching others to have fun with their dogs since 2001.

I don't believe one size fits all in agility and do not follow one specific handling system. I love how my agility handling has expanded over the last few years and I'm really embracing fun and exciting handling techniques that don't restrict me at all. I have loads of different ideas for helping all sorts of dogs and handlers improve their teamwork and course running. 

Over the years I have taken three dogs to their Australian Agility Championship in ADAA  and have won multiple big events with different dogs at both ANKC and ADAA Nationals. For more info on this check out the Our Dogs page. :) 

I have also been Team Coach for Australia at the WAC back in 2010. WAO Team management also awarded me a wild card spot at WAO in 2012. In 2015 and 2016 I was one of the Australian Team members for WAO and in 2017 I was Team Coach. My husband Gordon and I manage and run the Australian Team for WAO. 

In recent years, I have really started to study more about behaviour and jump skills thanks to my boy Keen. I have learnt so much about how to communicate better with our dogs and it has meant I have been able to help people a lot more than I previously was. My focus has become more on the dogs emotional state and preventing confusion in our training to help these amazing creatures. Whether you have a shut down dog or one that gets too high I have many ways to help you both! 


I hold both group and private lessons, at my home at my purpose built Red Dog Agility field, but can also travel to you if needed. I also offer online instruction, for those that can't get to me. 


Maria Thiry

World Agility Open 2016 - UK

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