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Maria is a brilliant teacher. She adapts her wealth of knowledge to cater for all breed types and handlers. I love training my dogs with her, and they enjoy it as well. Red Dog Agility is simply AWESOME 


Tracey Bruhn

Maria has shown herself to be excellent in teaching small, medium and large dogs. And these dogs seem to respond extremely well to Maria's coaching. I have witnessed this with my dogs. They have different personalities and she seems to be able to get through to them. Thank you Maria for constant help and understanding of my dogs.


Honey Jeffs

Maria explains everything in simple terms especially for Newbies like myself but also has the skills to pass on to the more experienced handlers. I love her training methods and so does my dog! I feel so lucky to have found an awesome teacher. Thank you


Tracy Harm 

With Maria's support and guidance I was able to step forward and become an Australian representative at the 2015 World Agility Championships in Italy. Even when I was in Italy at the training camp she was still there for me, giving me encouragement and support via Facebook and daily messages. I'm proud to be able to say I represented my country in dog agility and I know that it was Maria that helped me get there! Thank you Maria for everything you do and for the wonderful person and trainer that you are!


Tanya McAndrew

I have been training with Maria at Red Dog Agility for a few years now and Maria sure has had to live and train outside her comfort zone teaching me and my kelpie to be a team and compete in agility. We have had many challanges with me not being very nimble or fast and never in the right spots for traditional handling so she has had to help me work and train a system that works for me and one crazy kelpie and we are getting there with the success being showing in getting around courses and quallies. I am so proud to be part of her team and her encourgement has kept me going when things got tough.


Mechalle Anderson

During the last 12 months Maria has helped me build my skills and perhaps more importantly my confidence in both my dogs and my own handling. I would recommend Red Dog to anyone from a raw beginner through to an experienced handler looking to polish their game.


Tony Redwood

I thought I'd give Red Dog agility a try to build my younger dogs confidence. Maria's kind non aggressive approach in all facets of dog handling has definitely made our relationship better. Daisy's confidence, manner and obedience has improved ten fold. I know I can take her anywhere knowing she will "listen" to me. Thanks Maria...


Karen & Daisy McLean

Red Dog Agility is a great place to develop your agility skills in a relaxed and positive environment. From Novice through to Masters, Maria excels in guiding her students to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Most importantly, classes are fun for both dogs and owners and this enjoyment regularly translates to success at the many trials her students attend.


Brigitte McCann

I already train my agility dog with a lot of very good trainers.  With a nervy little Jack Russell I recognised I would need a training environment that would allow me to focus on learning at a pace that suited me, without having to worry about my dog’s anxiousness. Having trained my other dogs with Red Dog Agility, I knew Maria’s training style suited me, but had relocated to the other side of town which would entail 120k trip each way! But I took the 6 week course on offer and am glad I did. Maria was very mindful of my dog’s issues and I finished the course with the skills I had hoped to learn, and a happy and more confident dog. I will continue attending Red Dog Agility periodically to top up our learning. Thanks Maria


Rose Austin

Maria has helped me before with my Italian Greyhound but when I got a Border Collie I knew I really needed help! Maria is first class in all things agility and reads the dogs so well. Agility is constantly evolving and Maria invests a lot of time and money keeping up with changes and newer methods of handling. She explains things clearly and has success with all breeds from the very tiniest of competitors all the way through to Great Danes. Would highly recommend her for anyone interested in this wonderful sport.


Christine Smith

How do you solve a problem like Patricia ? of course you go to Maria at Red Dog Agility - I was taught it wasn't a problem with my mini poodle but with the way I handled her - With the guidance and patience from Maria we got it together plus her dedication really makes you want to achieve the best 'team' that you can possibly be


Trish Vardy

Maria is an awesome teacher. She has a unique gift in helping to bring out the best in all types of dogs and handlers. I have learned so much since starting with RDA. It's great to have so much fun learning and seeing my dogs improve.


Sue Moon

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