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What method of training do you use?


I believe in training dogs in a positive and fun way. Corrective training is not used here. We keep everything fast and fun, teaching the dogs that training and agility is just one big game with us. 

How do I pay for classes?

I have three levels of membership to cover everyone's needs. Just contact me, and I'll send you out my pricing form. 


What should I bring to class?


You need to bring a crate, your dog's favourite food and toys. Classes are very distracting, so make sure that your dog absolutely loves what you bring. 



My dog is not great with other dogs? Can I still attend?


Yes of course. We can easiliy start with private sessions, with no other dogs around. Then we would move you to group classes, where I only have one group training at a time, and group sizes are small. If your dog has a problem working too closely with other dogs we can work around that.

What happens if it's raining?


You should keep an eye on the weather radar on days that rain is predicted. I will make announcements on the Red Dog students FB page if rain looks like heading my way. I recommend  that you

check the radar just before you leave home, and send me a text on 0403 295 501 if it looks like rain here in Cedar Vale. 


How do I get into a group class?


If you are new to me, I would need to do some private sessions first, just to assess you and your dogs experience and to get you started on my training methods. Once I feel you are ready, I would move you to a group lesson that I thought was appropriate to your level. Group classes are limited in numbers though, so will depend on availability. 


Can I share private lessons or small groups?


Yes absolutely, and I find this is a great way to train on specific needs, but also give the dogs a break while others are working. 



Are your classes insured?


Yes I have Personal Liability insurance which covers individual, and group classes at any location. 

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