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I've added Video Analysis to my services! Click here to get more info on this service. 

Keep an eye out for in person workshops. Join my RD Agility - Events FB group for more info. 

Fitness Consults! I can do these in person and online. I am a CPCFT which is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer.
For more info and to book yourself a session click below
Maria and Kwyk at Red Dog Agility

Brilliant's Training Diaries


Brilliant's Puppy Diaries are still available to purchase at any time. Such a great source of info on raising puppies! 


For more info on my puppy and teenage diaries, click on the link below. Come and see how I train all the foundation skills that Brill and I did, to create a great bond and teach him all the basics.

Puppy Diary only $80 and you get to see exactly the training I do every single day from his arrival at 8 weeks to 6 months old! .

Teenage Diary only $80 and you will follow our training path from 8 to 14 months old.

His new Teenage and Beyond Diary covers from 16 - 20 mths and covers so much of his equipment training like jumps, tunnels, contacts and weaves as well as his fitness training. 

Discounts if you purchase all in one go! 

Group Training Classes 
Private Lessons can be done in person or virtual! 
Workshops and Seminars

Is there a topic you want covered? Just contact me 

Guirmere Kwyk from Red Dog Agility
Puppy Gem training at Red Dog Agility
Puppy Classes

Currently booked out

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