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Side Stepping Over A Pole

Purpose – Working on both the adductors and abductors (front and rear) and dogs don’t tend to use these muscles in regular forward motion. 
leg closest to the pole steps first, watch for the back leg the most and mark and reward that. 
Placement of reward – Food is in front of the dog with their head in a neutral stand position. 
Training tips
To train this you can use a few variations - chin target, nose touch, handler pressure towards the side of the dog, pure shaping. Main thing is to mark that back foot stepping sideways as that will encourage the more side movement we want.  A lot of dogs will want to turn and go forwards over the pole. You can place barriers up to stop them being able to turn their bodies and keep them facing you the whole time. You will want to start on a very low pole. 
Increasing difficulty – more reps and increase height.  
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