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Foundation Handling Course 

This course follows on from Foundations modules (Relationship, Drive, Co-ordination and Agility Skills) and leading into my Novice Handling course.

It is perfect for young dogs, or any dogs just starting out in agility with a minimum age of at least 8 mths old. It teaches them all the handling moves without them having to worry about jumping as well. If your dog is old enough to start jumping, there will be a bonus jump skill added every week. 
There will be a FB support group for working people to post videos and auditors to ask questions. 

The course has 4 sections of exercises posted each week. Flatwork, wing skills, jump skills and basic sequence skills. 

This course runs for 12 weeks, with new exercises for each week, but you will have at least 6 mths access to the course. So you will have plenty of time to get through it all, when life gets in the way! 

Cost is $75  for the audit option and for an extra $25 you can post videos for feedback too. 

Equipment needed - At least 2 sets of uprights (preferably wings) Access to a tunnel and 4 jumps ( this is just for some of the basic sequences) maybe at your local club or a friends place. Most of the exercises can be done with no more than two sets of jumps with wings and some is just flatwork with no equipment.


Click on the drop down box for the $100 video feedback option. 



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