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Lateral Step Offs

Purpose – Working on both the adductors and abductors (front and rear) and dogs don’t tend to use these muscles in regular forward motion.

Criteria – outside legs steps off the plank and hold a stand for a few sec, then back up to a nice stand position.

Placement of reward – Food is in front of the dog with their head in a neutral stand position. Luring dog off the side. Can use zen hand for the hold positions.

Training tips – Pre requisite is dog understanding side stepping on the flat. Lure head to the side and hopefully they will step off. Most will definitely step their front foot off so mark and reward that initially. If the dog really isn’t getting it then have them off the foot targets and stepping sideways up on to it. Then try again to see if they have some concept. 

Increasing difficulty – increase reps, maybe slightly increase height of platforms.

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