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Here are your exercises for the first lesson. Just some ground work so the dogs understand slowing down as they get to you. 

1. Recall to front. - With Keen, I am asking him to sit in front, as he wasn't slowing down properly and was sliding in on all fours :) Try the way I do with Gem first, and only do the sit if you need them to slow a bit more. You will reward the stopping in front of you and then reward again for turning and coming in to RZ. Ideally they come in straight to your hand. Note how I have my hand low and forward a bit. 

2. Extension to collection - This one is fantastic for teaching dogs to decel next to you from extension while you are facing forward. I didn't reward Keen the first time, because he kind of crashed in to my leg lol
3. Recall to tight turn - This one is a little tricky to get the dogs to do nicely, but still helpful. They are meant to bend as they come in to RZ. If you are having trouble with this one, I think it would work quite nicely if you got them to do it around a cone or wing. Let me know if you need vid of that. 

To start with, do all of these with no speed so only a couple of metres away. If they doing it well, you can build up to 8 m in to it. Once they are doing that well, you can do it from tunnels or from sending them around a wing or cone. You can see from the video, how much tunnel arousal changes Keen's performance. By next week, I want you to have done multiple quick sessions of this. It is easy to use this as warm up exercises, before agility or a quick 5 min training session. 
Even if you have a dog that loves any food training, I would try and use better value food for it. Makes a difference in how they try harder to do what you want. 
Any questions let me know 

Lesson 1

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