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Lesson 10

Tight turns 

1. Bend recall with tunnel lead leg changes - This exercise shows how a u shaped tunnel can create lead leg changes that make turning extra challenging. 

2. Forward send front x's - with handler motion

3. Forward send adding distance -  Diagram below. As per left hand diagram lead out to close to the second jump. Release the dog and you can rotate in towards them to cue the turn. Next rep try it from 2 m back from second jump. Last rep try it from 3 m back 

With all of the above you can use extra decel cues to try and get tighter turns. Most dogs will not collect as well on these as they do when you are controlling them on the landing side more. You can even reward them before the jump as per the extension recall in the beginning FW before they take the jump to help them learn to slow down better while you are facing forward. 

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