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Lesson 11

1. Drill to check strides - This exercise is purely to see if your dogs add the correct amount of strides for each skill. Set jumps at your dogs comfortable extension spacing. First time do extension with you ahead of the dog when they take the second jump and moving forward. Second time cue collection by slowing down while they land the first jump and they should add one extra stride from the extension jump. Third time cue true collection and see if they add another stride again to turn tightly. 

2. Push to the back tight with lead in jump - don't have this on video but I've included the one jump version. Just add a lead in jump to this exercise. To start with reward as per left hand diagram but then ask for even more of a wrap by rewarding as per right hand diagram.

3. Tight turns rewarding 360 turn -  Diagram below. Both of these exercises can be done with lead in jumps and then for more arousal lead in tunnel. 

For any of the collection ones above you can use extra decel cues to try and get tighter turns. Most dogs will not collect as well on these as they do when you are controlling them on the landing side more. As always, you can do reminder decel rewarding before the jump and after. 

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