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Lesson 4

Some different variations on recalls, with one jump. This week we have one collection tight turning one and two that are extension ones. 
1. Tight turn - handler on approach side - This recall works on teaching the dogs to collect for their early rotation front x's, and k turns as well. In the video, I am standing next to the wing, with food in the inside hand. Standing up straight, give the dogs their release cue and see how they take the jump. If they collect and turn nicely without touching the jump, reward them. You can then use the tight cue for this, if they are doing it nicely. For any dogs not slowing in enough, you can reward them before the jump, like I do with Keen. Try a couple of rewards in front, and then try one without. For all of these, make sure to finish with the dog coming between you and the jump at the end. 
2. Recall extension to collection - For this recall, start the dog straight on to the jump and fairly close. Your position will be about 4 m on the landing side, and the same as the FW recall with the same name. With your arm back release the dog, while you are stationary, and then reward them as they slow in next to you. The idea is that we are teaching the dogs to go from extension to collection, which happens all the time on course. Each turn you have, start the dog a bit further back, until the dog is set up to 8m from the jump. This is teaching them to adjust their stride each go, as well. All of this is done with no motion from you, so they can work it out, without distractions. 
3. Slice recall extension to collection - This skill is rarely taught very well to the dogs and they often have to learn it as they start sequencing. But it is a really hard skill, especially when done at the hardest angle. You will see on the harder angle, that Keen actually has to change his lead in the air. It's nearly like they are weaving mid air! To start with start on an easy angle, through the uprights. Make sure the dogs have a nice straight line, between the uprights to you. Again you will start the dogs close and gradually move them back to 8m. Remember that they need to practice this on both sides too. You can't just go back and forth to achieve that. You will need to actually change the jump, and angle it the opposite way. As with the above exercise, the dogs need to slow down next to you for the reward. Once they can do up to 8 m on this one, you can try the harder variation where you set them on the tightest line. You will see that they have to turn in the air on this. Some dogs may choose to run past as it is quite hard. This exercise helps them to understand better how to take a serpentine jump, and not run past it. 
Please continue to work on the three recalls from last lesson as they are super important.
Collection recalls over one jump
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