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Lesson 5

Adding Handler Motion
Now we get to some one jump drills, adding handler motion. 
1. Straight on jump adding motion - Start dog 4.5 m from the jump. Lead out far enough, that you will be ahead when they take the jump. You can either walk, slow jog or run. Just depends how much the dog can handle. Only reward when the bars stay up. You can reward with food or toy but reward appropriately for extension by either rewarding on the move or throwing ahead. If your dog struggles with collection, I recommend you try some deceleration rewards too. You will need to be a bit further ahead of the dog though, in order to show decel by the time they catch up to you. Every go you have, start your dog a bit further back until they can do up to 8m start. 
2. Slice with handler motion - Everything is done as above. Start with an easy slice and then make it harder. 
3. Forward send - Start with you and the dog, only a metre or so from the jump. In the first clip showing this, I am not holding Keen to start, but I would do it as per the second and third clip now. Use your sprinkler or digga cue, to indicate you want a turn after the jump. Reward in the appropriate place for the cue. Remember a sprinkler is a slight turn and a digga is 180 or more. For sticky dogs, hold them by the collar and saying the cue, then only release when they are pulling towards the jump. Each go, move yourself and your dog back a bit. When you release the dog, you can take a slight step forward but the idea is to teach them to go on ahead if given the cue to take the jump. Eventually, you will want to be able to send them forward at least 5m. As with all of the exercises, do not reward any bar knocking, or hitting of the upright.  
Please continue to work on the three recalls from Lesson 3. We will soon be adding obstacles before these, and your dogs need to be able to do it really well, with up to 8 m in to them. 
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