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Lesson 7

Recalls adding two obstacles

1. Recall to tight turn -We want the dogs to maintain all the criteria we had on one jump. We are just asking them to assess distances in to it now. The tunnel version adds a lot more arousal, so much easier to lose their form on this.  Diagram below

2. Recall to 90 degree turn - Diagram below

3. Recall extension to collection - As well as the 3 steps below, add the following to the two jump exercises. 

Increase your position at the end of the jumps, but dog is started in at 4.5 m 

Combination of increased everything. Dogs set up, spacing and your location.

Decrease spacing between jumps but remain with the big set up distance for dog and your location a long way past the last jump. 

Diagram below

All of the exercises above that have a lead in jump, have  a few steps.
1. Start the dog 4.5m from the first jump. 
2. Increase the dogs set up point up to 8 m. 
3. Increase spacing between the jumps as well. 
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