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Lesson 9

Handler motion 

1. Two jumps straight - Now we are going to add handler motion with two jumps. Make sure you are far enough ahead of the dogs on release, that you are ahead of them as they take the second jump. As per the lessons in Lesson 7 (recall extension to collection , you will move through all the different steps of distance between jumps and dogs set up distance. Make sure to have the dogs comfortable extension spacing. For this one, we want to encourage true extension so make sure to reward the dog on the move. 

2. Slice handler motion - As above but second jump is angled for a slice. 

3. Forward send front x - In this exercise you want to show the dogs decel as you are heading in to the jump. Then as they commit to the jump, you will rotate and complete a front x. Don't worry if they don't turn as tight as they are on this one, as you aren't giving true collection cues for it. 

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