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Extension Plank Exercise 

Purpose – This exercise is great for core strength as well as hip extension. Also works on forelimb strength as you get the rear legs higher.  
Criteria – Weight nicely over the front end with a vertical line up through the shoulder. Rear feet evenly placed on an angled board. Neutral spine nice with no hyperextension. Hip position open angle to promote hip extension. Solid contact with rear feet.   
Placement of reward – Reward dogs on a nice diagonal. Watch the line of their spine and neck and try to keep a nice line the whole way through. 
Training Tips – Prerequisite is rear foot targeting. Dogs need to understand to keep their back feet on the board. Lure them forward and reward for just before they lift their feet off. Initially you will likely not get much of a stretch forward but as the dogs get the point you will be able to increase this. Make sure to move the dog backwards towards the board and out of the stretch before releasing them out of this position. 
Increasing difficulty – Increase height on the rear end to between the elbow and the shoulder. Use something unstable under the rear end. 
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