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Rear Foot Targeting 

Purpose – This exercise teaches rear end awareness and is very important foundation exercise for the standing exercises so don't know to find the targets with their feet. Also works on glutes as they step backwards into position

Criteria -  Rear feet to step backwards and find the target behind them. They should stay facing forward and not turn around to get into the position. 

Placement of reward – Reward dogs low, when they step off the platform/target and then reward them in a neutral position when they step back on to it. 

Training Tips - Initially you can have barriers, to help the dogs to only have one choice but to step backwards. You can also use a lower prop that's easier for the them to step up on to. I first lure the dog forward over the prop into the position and reward. Then release the dog forward and reward. Put some pressure towards them so they feel like they have to step backwards. Any steps initially should be rewarded. Eventually when they step on the prop jackpot with lots of rewards. 

Increasing difficulty – Increase height slightly for the rear foot target to make them step up a bit more
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