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Sit to Stand Angled Board

Purpose – This exercise is great for rear end strength in both the sit and the stand portions. This version is great for dogs just starting out or older dogs that are weak in their rear end. 
Criteria – Back feet remain still, square sit, front feet moving forward and back.  
Placement of reward – Using a lure, move them forward out of the sit on the angled board for their front feet. Then move the food back towards their chest and ask for a sit. Position of your hand will affect their posture so make sure to pay attention to this! 
Training tips –This is usually a fairly easy one to train. If the dogs are unable to keep their back feet still you can place a hand under their tummy to help them stay more still for a bit. Once they have the idea remove that. If they aren’t as mobile in hips and knees, then it is harder for them to stay still and not adjust. 
Increasing difficulty – You could angle the board slightly more but wouldn't want to go to much. There is another exercise with two props that becomes the progression from this one. 
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